The Pass It On Program is a nonprofit skill-sharing initiative that curates free foundational classes across multiple disciplines including digital marketing, data analysis, creative design, programming and web development to teenagers and young adults in rural and suburban communities.

The program is powered by Lagos-based communications agency, NABSolute and aims to prepare tomorrow’s leaders and those who are willing to succeed in the modern world and digital economy.

TOPIC: The Rudiments of Digital Marketing

A 3-hour foundational course that’ll introduce students to the world of digital marketing. The class will cover the basics of digital marketing, channels of digital marketing, building a strategy, and tools to get started in the digital marketing without breaking the bank. The class will also feature practical exercises and case studies.

DATE: June 26, 2021
LOCATION: 9 Dickson Street, Port Harcourt


Victor Okpala, CEO, NABSolute.

How are the classes conducted?

Classes are held in two formats, virtual and physical. Classes that are targeted at a
particular community or geographical area are held physically and classes that are open to
all regardless of the geographical location are conducted virtually.

How can interested participants enroll?

You can indicate your interest by completing the registration form HERE citing the
discipline of interest. Registered participants will be contacted with details of their desired
class and how to attend by The Pass It On Program team.

What about physical classes? How can one enroll?

Physical classes are targeted at communities where participants may not have access to the
internet to pre-enroll. Awareness is driven in partnership with local volunteers and
influence groups.

What are the benefits of the program?

Participants will receive foundational tutelage on courses that’ll prepare them for success
in today’s world. The program will cover teachings on digital marketing, data analysis,
creative design, web design and development by curated experts who are credible,
experienced, patient and passionate about sharing from their wealth of knowledge.

What else can one expect from the program?

The Pass It On Program will also empower some students who display remarkable potential
by rewarding them with tools like free laptops and opportunities like paid internships with
organizations that are leaders in their field of interest.

What does the program plan to reach more people?

The program will secure strategic partnerships with academic institutions and a vast array
of platforms to make foundational lessons on modern skills available to more young people.